Don’t use your regular RPG for Stress Relief.

I know many of you are reading the title of this blog and thinking? But I do play D&D, Pathfinder or any other of the many RPG’s out there for stress relief! Board Games, Card Games, and Roleplaying Games are well-known to be a good form of stress relief right? So […]

Tabletop Crafting Project: Laser Puzzle

As a Game Master that uses terrain in my tabletop RPG games. I am constantly on the lookout for good items that I can pick up and turn into something else. My preferred hunting grounds is the flea market and several of the thrift stores locally nearby to my home. […]

Review: Hull Breach In Defiance of Dictators

Hull Breach is back with its third expansion to its story and timeline. Providing us with more lore, more factions and more ways to seek out a victory against the forces arrayed against us. Some of you might already be familiar with Hull Breach. Some of you might be hearing […]

Burning Games: Faith A Garden in Hell Review

I am back again with a review of FAITH – A Garden In Hell. In June last year, I reviewed FAITH RPG and gave it a very positive Ranking of 17. Since then, they went on to run and deliver another Kickstarter: FAITH – A Garden In Hell. I did not pick […]

R.P.G. Reviews:Dungeons & Dragons Dungeonology

Come fellow adventurers sit with me and feast your eyes on this breathtakingly crafted tome. Dungeons & Dragons Dungeonolgy. I have the great pleasure and honor to have been given a copy of Dungeonology for review. My first impression of the book was the cover art, the raised Foil image of […]

My Homebrew Three: Race Lupa

Today’s update race for my homebrew setting is the Lupa. Formerly know as the Canis. I have kept the Canis but the are now a subrace of Lupa. Overall this one was a tough one to put together. A lot of thought went into how many subraces I would do. […]

Giving my homebrew a fresh look Part 2. Creation Myth

When I fist began to put the pieces of my world into play I started with only a few things that were constants. Primordia was a young world and it’s pantheon of gods was new. The main land mass of the world would look like the corpses of a continent-sized dragon. […]