Monday Musing. Planning Preparation & Progress

Over the last week, I found myself continuing to feel like I am playing catch up on my blog. No matter how much I wanted to get done each time I sat down. I was confronted with a pile of products that I wished to get out to my readers. I was filled with a sense of dread that I would not get to these things in time. It became abundantly clear to me something had to change.

First I am the only person that can see or perceive the products and projects that I continue to insist to myself I am behind on. The reality is that yes there was a lot that I wanted to get done in the last weeks of 2016 and 2017. Health and Holidays saw that I was unable to do as well all know. Secondly, I could choose to continue to feel like I was behind a proverbial 8-ball and stop enjoying my blog and let it overwhelm me resulting in nothing getting done.

Last week’s muse flipped the switch. For the first time in January, I blogged from the heart again. That set the tone, It also reminded me to take my own advice to heart. I could continue to play catch up, focusing looking backward not forward. Or I could take one more week and make a proper plan.

The resulting week that I took to plan things out had some interesting results. The stress of blogging that has been looming when I sit down to type is once again gone. For the first time in 2017, I am again looking forward to sitting down and blogging. Because I took the time to make a Plan. The result of making a proper plan has also given me a clearer direction of where I want to head with my blog for the year. This is the first time I have ever laid out a course that I want the blog to take in such a way. It’s with this plan in hand and the preparation from the prior year that I can now see the road head.



  1. I run all sorts of RPG games, I have a couple face to face games, a PBP game and I dabble with solo rpgs as well. On top of that I have written my own lite RPG and I am developing a richer game system. Between them they throw up enough interesting thoughts and challenges to keep me going for many more moons to come. I typically put out two posts a week. I think you have be happy with the demands you place upon yourself. One great post a month will be more satisfying than grinding out a post a week that you are not happy with.

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