Kickstarter Watch: Dragonlock 2 Fantasy Village​ Terrain For 3d Printers


Fat Dragon Games returns to Kickstarter with Dragonlock 2: Fantasy Village Terrain for 3D Print. This project launched and within hours crushed its funding goal of 500 dollars. Having raised 18k in under a day with over a month left to go this project is going to be another smash hit for Fat Dragon Games.

These prints look wonderful from the photos! If you, like me were unable to back the stellar Dwarven Forge city project. This is going to be just the Kickstarter for you. Even better if you have a 3D printer like me, of all this set is very affordable. Coming in at $89 for the whole Kickstarter plus Stretch goals it is price point is excellent.

As long as we do not see a ton of Add-Ons at an extra cost this is going to be a wonderfully affordable Kickstarter that you will be able to pick up everything as well as the Add-Ons for under $130. I think we will see a few more Add-Ons before this project is over as well as a ton of smashed goals.


So if you have a 3D printer why are you still reading this ? Get over there and give this project a look!

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