So what thing would surprise me if a friend had not seen or read?  Well with the tremendous amount of saturation over the last decade I would say Lord of the Rings. It is nearly unthinkable to imagine any of my gaming friends may not have at least seen these movies! Added to that all of the Video games that were made around this setting the only way I can imagine this ever happening would be that they would have intentionally avoided it.

So another short one. as we come down the last stretch of the month. See you all tomorrow.


2 Replies to “#RPGaDay2016 Day:28 Thing you would be most surprised​ a friend had not seen or read?”

  1. I’ll confess to Lord of the Rings. I have read the book but only relatively recently and I have only seen Felowship of the Ring which I thought was dreadfully dull and I coul dnot bring myself to watch any of the others. I am just not into Tolkien.

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