Product Mini Review.Snap Sites: Blue Horizons Airlines


Snap Sites is continuing its wonderful system agnostic player prop line collection. Their new product, Blue Horizons provides us with a location that rarely gets much attention to detail in many games, an airliner. Many Storytellers would be surprised that I Think this would be a good Snap Site. As many who run games hand wave air travel or travel in games as nothing more than transition, from one scene to another.
Yet locations like this are great opportunities for character development or discussion about the events taking place in the game. All the while remaining in character. Additionally if and when you do decide to add an encounter into the mix. Anything that takes place on an airliner is automatically going to be a bit more of a nail bitter at ten thousand feet!

So what you get with Blue Horizons is

  • Info about the airline, 8 characters, story twists and a “random odd items” in the luggage table.
  • A form fillable boarding pass
  • Airline magazine cover
  • In-flight menu
  • Printable map of the interior of the plane
  • Printable map of the cargo area of the plane
  • Printable cards of the characters for the GM and players

Taking a deeper look at what you get with Blue Horizons Airlines. We 8 character cards with a brief snippet of background, personality and what they are doing on the airliner. The 8 twists provide you with a fun  set of trope story options for running one-shot games while the flight is underway. The Random odd item table has a few interesting things on it that could move a plot in some rather creative ways.

The Magazine cover might have been a touch more useful if like the books they have done in the past form fillable or have several cover options. I found the in-flight menu a nice touch. And the plane interior is useful for when you intend to have anything go down while you’re flying the friendly skies.

But the form fillable Boarding Pass is the icing on this cake. Since with the tap of a few keys send your players anywhere. Who knows, maybe because your players always fly Blue Horizon you will be able to develop other plot lines or a bigger picture as to why adventures use the big Blue? Lastly, I wanted to point my readers in the direction of two RPG products that you could use this Snap Site with to add an extra personal touch to already great products.

So if you want to pick up Snape Sites Blue Horizon Airlines you can find it Here.





138649There is a great scene that takes place on a plane in this Mote Cook Games adventure for The Strange RPG that could be taken a bit further when used in combination with this product and their own Estate Dossiers. Together you would really raise the bar high on this already awesome introductory adventure!

You can get the Eschatology Code Here.

You can find the Estate Dossiers Here.



141208The other adventure that I think could benefit from this Site is the Savage Worlds Canned Food. As the entire story basically takes place on a plane why not add some props to make the game all that much better!

You can find Canned Food Here.






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