Snap Sites: Silver Linings Bookstore Mini Review

Just Insert Imagination as back at it again. Not long after cranking out their first project Vamonos Pizza they wasted no time and cranked out Silver Linings Books. It’s been out now just shy of a week. I had a few hints of what this product was going to look […]

Weekend Round up March 4-6 2016

This weekend round up is falling in as a Midweek roundup Lets get right to it or it will be a two week round up before I know it! March 4th Our Edge of the Empire game did not hit warp speed last week. As it actually had a hyperdrive […]

Wallet Warning, Current Killer Kickstarters.

Just going to give a quick run-down of all the new and about to end Kickstarter Projects that are begging you to empty your wallet and get in on their sweet goodness. This blog will not be for the thin of wallet or faint of heart. Ending Soon get in […]

GM’s day Sale Suggestions.

Well, here we are on Monday that 7th. GM’s Day sales are in full swing and like me, some of you are finally settling in to decide just what you are thinking about picking up. Well, I had two people ask me for suggestions and what was on my list […]