New Years Roundup 2015

Back in 2014 I sat down and took a look back at some of the games I was able to play over the last year. I enjoyed taking the time to give a look back when I wrote that blog. I will add the link if you would like to give last years 2014 New Year Roundup a look. So with that done here we go. A look back at some of the games and things I played over 2014.

D&D, D&D and more D&D Is the first thing right out the gate. What can I say I love my Fantasy games. So D&D is the basically the go too by default. Now don’t get me wrong I am not knocking you old schoolers and the ORS games out there as well as several of the great Indy games that are out there as retro clones. There are so many great games to play in the fantasy Genre its staggering these days. But D&D and Pathfinder dominate the playing field.
First off I got to play a fair share of D&D of more than one flavor this year. I threw down some of the new old school 3.5 D&D. As well as Old School AD&D. It was fun to have this year to take a journey through the editions. I played in a short-lived Pathfinder Epic game as well last year rounding out just about every version of D&D through the ages. Finally I was able to run as well as play a ton of 5E D&D. I will say that is sets a tone for me that I love with the new system. I look forward to playing 5E for several years to come. I think I would describe 5E in a nutshell as a “New Rule Old school feel system.”

Next up would be FATE. Our group played a ton of FATE this year. In many different Incarnations as well. We played 4 different FATE games set in The Dresden Files setting.
2014 was also the first time I stepped up to run my first FATE game. I ran FATE Freeport and was stunned at how well the conversion held up to the feel of a D&D game. I continue to look forward to running more of Fate Freeport.

Ah CYPHER Systems, how do I love you. If I had to measure my love for this system in the number of games for it I have run, It would sadly not be that great. But thankfully I was still able to run several Cypher system games and each one was a blast. I ran them mostly all at conventions. I love running this system at Cons. I put down 1 game of The Strange RPG at Storm Con and 3 games of Numenera. And I ran Numenera two more times at Mace Con a few months later. In addition to that I ran an awesome cypher punk game that I was dying to finish but sadly due to RL that game died. I have a prepped story for Star Wars with the cypher system in my bag of tricks ATM as well as a Cypher Rifts games I have worked on the side in my free time.

Lastly for games that I have run I started a Star Wars Edge of the Empire game a few months back. It was picked over my Cypher Star Wars game. I pushed for a D6 Star Wars game at first as I love that system with all of my heart. Yet, Fantasy Flight Games has put a darn good game together. It seems the more I run that system the more I like it. Something that I was shocked at first to admit.

In addition I would say I can round out the list with a few more games that did not get near as much attention from me that they deserved. But I at least was able to sit in on or play a one shot of Fiasco, always rewarding always fun. ODAM I got to sit in a watch two games of this. It is on my radar of must play. Savage Worlds Lankhmar, missed getting a seat for this at a con by a hair. Next time.

Over all it was a wonderful year again to be a gamer. I was able to play with friends new and old, as well as run games for people who were brand new to the hobby. More and more I just love being a gamer. As well as the joy that is just infectious to any and everyone that gives gaming a chance.

Until next time GAME ON!




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