Sometimes it’s just the little things 


IMG_0380I stopped by my local game store the other day unsure of what I was looking for. Then I saw this little guy hanging out at in front of the register at the Green Dragon (Local FLGS). It filled me with a kind of childhood glee. This little guy and his purple friend survived not one flood but two. Seeing this one little thing sitting in front of the register overlooking the rebuilding hit home hard for me. You see I made this goofy little guy. Back in 2012. For an in store event called Non-Con. I ran a silly Halloween game for the kids that night.The kids loved it and most of the adults stopped stayed to watch as well! The kids had to save Halloween an fend off the likes of laffy taffy snakes, hungry hoping pumpkins and the terrifying candy corn Golem! Each time the kids would defeat a creature I would give them candy. With each strike of the candy corn Golem I gave them candy like some giant deadly pinata. It was a blast!

499_437520812973880_1442627331_n14397_437520832973878_1801849174_n (1)

It was also several of the kids first games. Introducing gaming to those kids that day was a pleasure and an honor. To see the parents faces with each roll of the dice was just as fun as the roar at the table from the first crit of a young child discovering the joy of gaming.

This little figure took me back to that moment. It also made me think fondly that some of those kids are still gaming today. And I hope like me they will never forget how much fun they had that day. What an awesome way to play your first RPG game.


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