Appendix N..The Fiasco.

Well I have gotten my hands on a some of Brave Halfling Publishing Appendix N adventures. The Ruins of Ramat and The Vile Worm. I wont be reviewing this product for the adventure quality. This is mostly a blog to bring some things to light for readers that may have thought about backing this product or have seen it in the stores. As of the writing of this blog At least one Backer of the kickstater claims to have seen these adventures in the store and you can purchase them right now on Yet the backers of the product … Continue reading Appendix N..The Fiasco.

Bundle of Laughs!

It’s been some time since I have thrown up a Bundle of Holding shout out. But this weeks bundle of holding is appropriately  called bundle of laughs! And all of this for barely even a noticeable hit to your wallet. For less than the price of most combo meals you can pick  up a copy of Murphy’s World a humorous techno-fantasy roleplaying  game. CRITICAL! Go Westerly where you take on the role of adventurers doing adventurous things against giant adventurous creatures. Diana: Warrior Princess a game I have never played but this blurb makes it sound amazing ! Imagine our world, seen … Continue reading Bundle of Laughs!