I’M Back !

WOW ! Moving takes a ton more of your spare time then I seem to have thought it would! So to bring everyone up to speed. On the 7th of Feb my feed went dark as we prepped to throw everything into boxes. and then the boxes into a truck and move them to our new location. The house we just bought was the destination but getting there turned out to be a more complicated route then expected. The plan was to have movers pick all of our packed things up and drop them off at the location and we … Continue reading I’M Back !

MTG Adventure Generator?

  I recently just saw a fellow blogger write about getting inspiration for adventures from a very odd place. So I just had to try it myself. Well what is this odd place you say. The suggestion was to draw 4 cards at random from MTG (Magic the Gathering) and from there build your plot. I thought how interestingly novel but it can’t really work can it ? So I gave it a go. And here is the result of my attempt. Now I imagine very often this will not result in anything you can work with but just pull … Continue reading MTG Adventure Generator?