First Impression, Iron Kingdoms RPG

Well It finally happened. I after well over a year managed to sit down and get in on my first Iron Kingdoms RPG game. Now I have played the Wargame and I love it. So I was very eager to get in on the RPG when the opportunity finally presented […]


Fat Dragon games is at it again with another new great kickstater! 28 days to go and they have already totally crushed their tiny goal of 1k raising more than $20,000 and opening 5 stretch goals! Fat Dragon games are no strangers to kickstartes and I have used many of […]

The Strange Recursion Design Competition!

So it seems to be a big day over at MCG! First I see Shananna Germain post about the Numeneara Movie becoming a real thing. Then Bruce Cordells tweet I catch a that I nearly missed that The Strange is kicking off a recursion contest ! Here are the details ! […]

Numenera Movie !?!

Yeah it’s been so long and I completely forgot about it myself. But apparently MCG’s is going through there list of things they have not worked on yet and is checking off the box of… Were making a movie ! From MCG’s today:  The Numenera film. I bet you thought we […]

@Your Table Review: PFRPG rd

So today I will be sitting down and tossing the dice in our weekly mythic pathfinder game. So this review is about what in my opinion is probably the best go to app for Pathfinder if you are not running the game. PFRPG rd is exactly that a Pathfinder RPG reference Document. […]