GamaNera 2 Mining Gamma World for Cypher Systems.

Well I was so pleased with the response to the first part of this blog I jumped right in and began making more of these cards. Real life sent this follow-up blog a hard right hook. As I became sick for a bit and then the holidays hit. But the […]

Friend, Gamer Author Amber C. Carlyle

Back in September of 2014 I posted a blog about my Dear friend Amber Carlyle and that she was not only one of my gamer’s but she hand bravely strode into the world of writing as an Author of her first book. You can read that blog here. Tabletop Inspiration I […]

Quick Grabs for New Years Eve Game Night.

Well each year we have an awesome New Years Eve Party that starts well before the sun goes down and lasts long into the night. Often well past the ball dropping. It is one of the few occasions that our group gets together to play board games. We are after […]

GammaNera. Mining Gamma World for awesome Cyphers & Artifacts.

So the other day I was cleaning out my game room. As I was moving some boxes around I stumbled on a stack of cards from a game I have not touched in literally years. Gamma Worlds 4E Now truth be told not many people loved the new version of […]

A Gift for You—Or the World! From Monte Cook Games.

Monte Cook Games has gone off and done it again.. Hit this blogger right in the feels. I may have been caught once or twice gushing over these guys and how they always seem to just knock it out of the park time and time again when it comes to […]